Technology & Features

The XtreemView render engine features our most modern render kernels, yet, is fully scalable and parallel and capable of rendering terabytes of data. It’s perfectly suited for visualizing large quantities of volume data as they exist in geoscience, but has many use cases beyond, such as automotive, medical, architecture, and many more.

  • Fully parallel and scalable
  • Support for huge 3d volume data
  • Support for huge surfaces with flexible texture blending
  • Support for hexahedrons, up to multi-billion polygons (hexahedrons, tetrahedrons)
  • Fully interactive in HD quality
  • Hybrid acceleration structures and real-time primitive compiler
  • Easy to integrate C/C++ library for Linux and Windows

Licensing Information

Commercial licenses for XtreemView are available from Fraunhofer ITWM.

Depending on the scope of the desired license, i.e. field of use, geographical area, targeted users, in-house use only, creating a marketable product, and other factors, we will send you a personal quote. The quote will consist of two components: the actual licensing fee which can be a lump sum or a recurring fee, and the cost for support and maintenance which is a percentage of the licensing fee.

To get your personal quote, please get in touch with us so we can talk about which options work best for you.